Terms And Conditions


I. General terms

  1. The Term and Conditions of use apply to the Coindoodle website and associated applications and the services provided by Coindoodle Limited.
  2. In order for the services to be provided and to make use of the platform it is required that User acknowledge and accept provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Service.
  3. In these terms Coindoodle, we, us, or our means Coindoodle Limited and you or yours means the person accessing to the platform and/or services.
  4. For the following words and phrases used in the Terms and Conditions of Service the following meaning shall be adopted:
    • Service provider – Coindoodle Limited with its registered office at Villa Mlitah, Midterranean Street, The Village, St. Julian’s STJ 1870, Malta; registered by the Registrar of Companies as a Limited Liability Company under the registration number C 88794;
    • User - a legal age person who has entered into an Agreement with Service Provider; every person becomes a User upon starting to use the Service, where one of the steps is to accept the provisions of these regulations;
    • Platform - a system of websites which belong to Service Provider and are available at the following URL address: https://www.coindoodle.com;
    • Registration - act performed by a User which is a prerequisite for entering into an agreement on provision of Services within the Platform;
  5. The provision of services by Coindoodle consists in providing the possibility of associating the Users by the Platform to make them enter into transactions for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies available on the Platform (“Services”).


II. Terms of services provision

  • The User enters into a contract with the owner of the Service for providing the services in these Rules and Regulations at the moment of registering the account in the Service.
  • The Users enter into a mutual sell and buy contract at the moment of placing the order of sell/purchase by a user whose parameters match the order of sell/purchase placed previously by another user.
  • To register for an account, the User must provide name, email address and password, as well as accept the Terms and Condition of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Coindoodle may require proof of identity of the User in order to Registration, to enable us to meet obligations according to anti – money laundering or countering financing of terrorism requirements. In this case the User will be obliged to provide Coindoodle a document confirming his identity by sending scan or image for the verification purposes.
  • The User agree that the information provided during Registration is truthful, accurate and complete.
  • Registration within the Platform shall be voluntary.
  • Registration and use of a Platform requires a device with access to the Internet that supports updated web browser. The User is solely responsible for ensuring technical compatibility between the computer hardware or end device used thereby and the data communication system, and the Platform.
  • In order to make use of the stock exchange services a User shall supply his/her wallet within the Service and then choose an offer of his/her interest (sale/purchase of digital currency) and determine its value by means of parameters available within the Platform. Then a Commission shall be automatically added and the offer shall be made available to other Users.


III. Protection of personal data and privacy policy

  • According to art. 13 para. 1-2 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation "GDPR"), the administrator of personal data is Coindoodle Limited (“The Administrator”).
  • The principles of processing of personal data processed by Coindoodle and regulations regarding the Privacy Policy placed in the Service in the bookmark “Privacy Policy” constitutes an enclosure to this Statute and is an integral part thereof.
  • When necessary, Service Provider is entitled to control the data provided to him by Users, including their personal data.
  • The Administrator processes the Users’ Personal Data only to the extent necessary to conclude, shape, modify or terminate the Agreement, and to properly implement the Services provided electronically.
  • The User is obliged to update the Personal Data given within the use of the Service immediately after any change of such Personal Data.
  • Transfer of data to other entities can be made only upon the User’s express consent or on the basis of the provisions of law or upon the request of competent administrative bodies, which the Administrator is obliged to perform or for purposes indispensable for proper performance of the Agreement.
  • The Service provider uses cookies i.e. minor text information stored at the User's computer or the access device. The Supplier stores cookies at the User's computer or access device and then obtains access to information contained therein for the following purposes: statistical, analytical, marketing, assuring correct Website operation and, in particular, maintaining of the session after logging in and for the analyses of the User's behaviour in the Website.


IV. Responsibility

  • The Administrator shall not be liable for any interruption in the proper functioning of the Service, nor for the loss of the User’s data resulting from force majeure, third parties, or as a result of the Administrator's efforts to improve the functionality of the Service. As far as possible, the Administrator shall inform the Service Users in advance of any interruption in its operation, particularly maintenance intervals.
  • The Administrator shall not be responsible towards the Users and third parties for:
    • the content provided by the Users on the Platform,
    • any User damage caused by improper recording or reading of the data downloaded by the Users,
    • loss of keys given, provision of invalid data to the account, loss of password,
    • the content and other content sent in the User’s messages.
  • The Service provider is not responsible for the loss of funds or cryptocurrencies in case of factors beyond the control of the Service provider, particularly in the case of acts of God, equipment malfunction, and errors in the cryptocurrency system, negligence or actions of third party affecting the functioning of the Service.
  • The User is obliged to protect the password to the service account, email account and other means of communication via which he/she receives information about the Service.


V. Complaints

  • Each User of the Service has the right to submit a complaint in matters related to the functioning of the Service, as well as the performance of the Services by the Administrator.
  • The complaint may be submitted electronically to the following e – mail address: support@coindoodle.com .
  • The complaint should include (1) the name (login) under which the User appears on the Platform, (2) the subject matter and justification of the complaint, (3) proposed measure of resolving the complaint.
  • The complaints shall be settled at Service Provider’s earliest convenience; however, this shall take no longer than 14 days. The User shall be informed on the status of his/her complaint by electronic means.


VI. Termination

  • The Service agreement terminates upon the User's end of use of the Service.
  • The Administrator shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement and block access to the Website to the User using the Service in a manner that is contrary to the law or the provisions of these Regulations. The termination shall have immediate effect in respect of all the Agreements entered into by the Administrator with the User, and shall result in the User’s data being removed from the Administrator's database.
  • The Administrator is also obliged to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, and for this purpose the Administrator shall be entitled to block the User's account whose activity is suspicious, and shall have the right to confirm personal data, including but not limited to: proof of identity scan, passport.